What is Plex.Earth360?

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Plex.Earth360 enables teams to have real-world and real-time collaboration between the office and the field, for any project in the world,by bringing together BIM360 and Augmented Reality (AR).

What it does

It facilitates real-time cooperation between designers, field agents or any other partly involved, at every stage of the design, construction and operation of AEC projects.


  • It allows them to share geolocated photos, placemarks, comments and further geospacial data quickly and efficiently, both in map and in AR mode.
  • Displays to the field agents (in AR mode) important information about points of interest around them, ranging from cities and mountain peaks to restaurants, cafes etc.

How we built it

Plex.Earth360 consists of three major interconnected parts:

  • The mobile client ('field side'), which allows users to connect and collaborate from within the Augmented Reality environment (which is based on the Unity engine) through their smartphones
  • The web application ('office side'), which allows users to connect and collaborate through their browsers
  • The cloud service, hosted in Azure, which performs the synchronization between the connected clients and BIM360

Accomplishments that we're proud of

(To the best of our knowledge) This is the first app that provides engineers on the field with such a comprehensive set of tools for data retrieval and real-time collaboration in an AR environment.

What's next for Plex.Earth360

We plan to integrate Plex.Earth360 with our flagship Plex.Earth platform (preferred by more than 2000 companies worldwide) to add the real-time collaboration and AR aspects to the existing geospatial data processing functionality. We aspire to take project planning and development to a whole new level in terms of speed, cost-reduction and team interconnection.

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