The web application (office side)

The Plex.Earth360 web application can be accessed through any browser, by using the URL below and logging in with your BIM account:

The dashboard


The web application dashboard has the following structure:

b1__Custom_.png Incoming notifications All notifications about elements sent to the user by other participants appear on the top of the screen
b2__Custom_.png Project  The name of the project appears on the left side. The wrench icon on the right side can be used to switch to a different project
b3__Custom_.png Users All users currently online are shown here. Field agents are marked with a mobile phone icon while web users are marked with a globe icon
b4__Custom_.png Map The map in the middle of the screen is used to display incoming and outgoing elements
b5__Custom_.png  Folders Shared items are shown in their respective folder at the bottom of the screen


Incoming events

When you are using the web application and a colleague sends you a placemark or photo (via either the mobile app or his own web application) a notification appears on the top of your screen. By clicking on "Get me there" you will be taken to the exact location of the shared element.



Example of a shared placemark shown on the map.



Example of a shared photo appearing on the map. The green dot shows the exact location from which the photo was captured (in the example shown above it was taken indoors) and the red dot shows the direction the mobile app user was facing at the time of the capture.


Sending a placemark

Using the list on the right you can send a placemark (accompanied with notes) to any colleague that is currently online, either in the office or on the field.



If the recipient is using the web app he will receive a notification as in the previous examples. If he is using the mobile app the new placemark will show up on his screen and he can choose between viewing it on the map or in AR mode.

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