The mobile app (field side) - Places of interest

The Plex.Earth360 mobile app allows field agents to view elements of their surroundings in AR mode and get more information and interact with them.


When first opening the mobile app the user will be asked to choose between nearby data and sightseeing data. 


This will determine if he will be shown nearby Google Places or points of interest in his broader surroundings (area names, mountains, airports etc). This can later be changed from the options.




b1__Custom_.png Crosshair The large crosshair positioned in the middle of the screen changes color whenever one or more objects get inside it. It offers the user the following 2 options:
b2__Custom_.png Tap to select next This is used to cycle through multiple elements in the same direction that can overlap, as some are farther away than others
b3__Custom_.png Tap to lock focused This option is used to select the specific element that is currently in the foreground within the crosshair. More information about it then appears on the bottom of the screen, along with options to switch between viewing it on the map or in AR mode.
b4__Custom_.png Compass The compass provides an overview of all available elements around the user and displays his current viewing angle
b5__Custom_.png Location data The lat/long and elevation of the field agent's current position is displayed on the bottom of the screen. The format can be changed via Options
b6__Custom_.png Options Through options the user can toggle between nearby and sightseeing mode, refresh the available data and change language, lat/long format and unit preferences
b7__Custom_.png Places Filter elements that are displayed, as explained below



A maximum of 20 places of all types will be loaded around the user in a 360 radius. These will be the ones closest to him by default. To switch to the next closest elements he can press anywhere on the screen and swipe right. The procedure can be repeated to cycle through all available elements.

Filtering Places


The user can filter which types of places he wants to view by pressing on the controls icon on the right. Places are arranged by category (the numbers below signify how many elements of each type are available) and the user can deselect any that do not interest him.

Getting to a nearby place


When selecting a place (either in sightseeing or in nearby mode) the user gets more information on it at the bottom of the screen. By using the icons on the bottom right he can also choose to view the place on the map or to get directions to in in AR more.


If he chooses the latter an arrow appears pointing to the direction of the place. The arrow changes color as the user gets closer to it.


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