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The mobile app allows filed agents to receive placemarks in real time and view them both on the map and in AR mode, complete with an interface to get them there quickly. It also allows filed agents to send georeferenced photos and information about points of interest directly back to the office.

Receiving a placemark


When a field agent is sent a placemark, he receives a notification, sees the placemark in AR mode (1) and view information regarding the sender and his current distance from it (2). He can then choose whether he wants to view it on the map (3), or get directions to it in AR mode (4).


If he selects to get directions to in in AR mode, and arrow will appear showing him where he needs to go. The color of the arrow changes as he gets closer to his destination.

Sending Information


When a field agent wants to share elements with other users in real time, he must first select the recipient as shown above. He can then take a photo or create a placemark and send it to him. 

Sharing a photo

Sharing a photo is a 2-step process:


1) Capture the photo by using the shutter icon


2) Adjust the location that the photo was captured from (1) and the direction that the field agent was facing at the time (2) on the map, if needed. Optionally add accompanying notes (3) and press SEND to share.

The recipient will instantly be notified about the incoming image and he can display it on his interface, may that be the web application or the mobile app.

Sharing a placemark


To create a placemark the field agent can use the chat icon. He can then add a description in the text box and press Enter to send it. If the recipient is using the web application he will view it on his map whereas if he is using the mobile app he can also choose to view it in AR mode, as explained above.

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