Compatibility with Google Earth 7

Important Note: Since Google Earth 7 Pro is now available for free, we recommend using this in conjunction with Plex.Earth as it is fully compatible with it.

The information that follows only concerns the standard version of Google Earth 7.


Unlike previous releases, Google Earth 7 does not allow terrain to be disabled, which leads to major inaccuracies when importing images. This, however, does not affect other functions, so depending on how you plan to use Plex.Earth you have the following options:

To import terrain and create contours and surfaces 
- All Google Earth versions supported

To export elements from your project as a KML/KMZ file for viewing in Google Earth and sharing with colleagues/clients 
- All Google Earth versions supported

To import georeferenced aerial imagery and create mosaics 
- You can use the built-in Map Explorer of Plex.Earth 3 that can connect to Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, USGS or any other WMS, sidestepping Google Earth altogether 
- You can use Google Earth Pro (all versions supported) 
- You can use an older version of the free Google Earth 


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