Activation dialog boxes


This dialog box will come up the first time you use any Plex.Earth command. You have the following two options:


I want to activate a subscription on this computer

Choose this option, enter the subscription code provided by Plexscape and click the “Activate” button. A list of all the available licenses corresponding to that subscription code will show:


You can select any one of them to activate on the current workstation.  If you have any inquiries regarding your licenses, or you are having trouble activating any of them, please contact customer support.


I just want to see if it does what it promises

If you select to start a new free trial session, you will be taken to the registration dialog box, shown below:

(If you have already activated a license key or issued an evaluation key in the past, an error will occur and in this case you should contact customer support.)



 You can start a new trial version in two ways:

- Create a 1-Day Free Trial without registering (you will be given the chance to register when the 24-hour period lapses).

- Create a Two-Week Free Trial by entering some basic contact information. This information will only be used to contact you and wil never be disclosed to any third party.


If you decide to register, a confirmation code will be created and sent you the email address you provided. You will be prompted to enter it in the next dialog box:




This will complete your registration with Plexscape and you will be ready to fully use our trial version.

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