Map Explorer Mosaic Creator dialog box

Use this dialog box to previw and create a mosaic that will be created using the Map Explorer. This process is done in two steps.


Step 1: Capture Images



The right side of the window (1) will show a previw of the mosaic grid. The same grid will also appear in your AutoCAD drawing. The attributes of each tile to be imported are shown on the bottom left (2). You can change any of those by selecting "Change mosaic values"  and the resulting grid will be re-calculated. When you are satisfied with the grid preview you can select "Capture Images" (3).


Step 2: Import Images Into Drawing



A preview of the tiles to be imported has been created in the Mosaic Creator window. The user can select any group of them and perform a number of functions (1):

Zoom:      Zoom either your drawing, the Google Earth window or the Map Explorer into the area specified by the selected tiles.    
Select:   Select all tiles, clear the current selection or invert it, by selecting all the remaining tiles instead.
Preview:    Shows an outline of where the selected tiles will be imported in your drawing.
Exclude Tiles:   Permanently exclude these tiles from the mosaic creation
Options:    Will take you to the "Image and Mosaic Options" dialog box, to change the settings of imported images.


If the user has changed the source used by the Map Explorer before completing the mosaic creating, he can select "Refresh map sources" (2) to update the image preview of the  Mosaic creator window.

When satisfied with the mosaic configuraion you can click on "Import images into drawing" (3) to complete the mosaic creation and bring the previewed images into your drawing.





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