Create Surface dialog box

Surfaces can be created based on a set of 3D points that have already been created of imported into your AutoCAD project. This dialog box customizes the process of defining and creating the surface.


Definition Tab


In this tab the user can specify the elements that will be used to create the surface. By pressing on the "+" symbol, he can add:


Points:   These are necessary to create the 3D surface

Breaklines:  Any line in the project that represents the edge of a slope can be used as a breakline to ensure an enhanced representation

Outer Boundary:  You can define polylines that will serve as outer boundaries for the created surface

Inner Boundary:  Close polylines can be selected as inner boundaries, areas that will be excluded from the created surface



Triangles Tab


With this tab you can select whether a surface will be created in your drawing (as you can select to only generate contour lines from your dataset) and which layer will be used to hold the created surface triangles.



Contours Tab


Using this tab you can select to create Contour lines from the set of data points selected. There are three attributes that define the generated contours:

Base Elevation is the elevation of the lowest contour line

Minor Interval is the difference in elevation between two consecutive contour lines

Major Interval defines a second set of contours, with larger differences in elevation, that will be represented in another colour

You can either have Plex.Earth place the created contours on the default layer, or manually assign both Minor Contours and Major Contours to specific layers.

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