Map Explorer window

The new built-in Map Explorer can connect to Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap or any WMS (e.g. USGS)  for image importing and mosaic creation


 The window is divided into four segments:

1. The Map Viewer

All active layers are displayed here. You can change the dimensions of the viewer by adjusting the windows size (when creating mosaics the current dimensions will be used for every imported tile) and pan and zoom to focus into the area of interest.


2. The Toolbar

The toolbar contains the functions to fully customize the maps displayed:

Basemap:       This will bring up the list of available sources that can be selected as the base layer of the map explorer
Add Content:          Additional layers can be added by using this command. The source of these layers can be any WMS or Tile Server, and you can even add another map from the existing collection
View:     All available zooming options, including the option to zoom into specific coordinates or by defining a bounding box, are grouped here
Refresh:    Updates the maps currently diplayed
Sidebar:   Toggles the content sidebar (3) On/Off.
Options:   Brings up the Map Explorer Options dialog box


3. Contents

All existing map layers are shown in this list. The user can add any WMS or Tile Server as a new layer, remove layers and reorder them accordingly.


4. Coordinate Bar

The user can manually specify the scale of the maps (or select from the list of available values), refresh the maps shown and see the exact coordinates of any point on the map as he moves the mouse over it.

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