Pinpoint the date of your satellite images from Google Earth

Need to find out the date of the satellite image you have imported to your AutoCAD project?

Imported images do not contain the date they were taken and you might need to obtain that information, or you might even have imported an image a while ago, which has since been updated by Google Earth.

The following tutorial covers these three possible cases and offers a pretty straightforward way to manually determine the exact date of your satellite images. Just follow the next few steps:


1) Go to the location of the imported image (this can also be done by using the "Synchronize Google Earth" command of Plex.Earth, while centering your view in AutoCAD on your imported image)

2) Make sure the imported image in AutoCAD is the same as the one in Google Earth. 

3) Check on the bottom-right side of your Google Earth window and look for the Imagery Date information



If however, the imported image on your AutoCAD project differs from the one in Google Earth, then continue with the following steps:

4) Move your cursor to the top-middle section of Google Earth, where you will see the Show historical imagery command



5) Toggle through the available historical images, until you find the image which matches the one you imported into your AutoCAD project.



6) Now you can just follow step 3 again and pinpoint the exact date for your image!


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