Communication Issue with Google Earth 7.3.1

Jun 25, 2018 Update:

Google Earth Pro 7.3.2 has been released and both its versions (32-bit and 64-bit) are fully compatible with Plex.Earth. You can download it from the links below:



Jan 24, 2018:

Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 has just been released:

For the first time in 14 years, a 64-bit build has been introduced, to which Google Earth Pro automatically updates.

Unfortunately, this 64-bit version does not include the COM components required for Plex.Earth and other applications to communicate with it.

To solve this issue we recommend that you uninstall the default 64-bit build and replace it with its 32-bit counterpart which offers the exact same capabilities while also being fully supported by Plex.Earth.

You can download the 32-bit version from the link below:

To check which version is currently installed you can go to Google Earth's "Help" -> "About":


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