Importing Terrain


This tutorial aims at describing the process that needs to be followed for importing terrain in the AutoCAD drawing.



First, we click on the "Import Terrain" icon on the respective panel and a dialogue box appears so that we can define the necessary details regarding the import of the terrain.



Next, we select the preferable map provider from the list of the providers that Plex.Earth 4 is currently cooperating with, including World Terrain Dataset, Google Earth, and Bing Maps. Also, we can both alter the quality that is set by default according to the selected map provider and proceed to further customization by clicking on the respective command.



Once you have defined these settings there is no need to go through this process again at your future imports since any selections you make in terms of provider and quality will be used in all subsequent commands as well until changed.

Therefore, you can click directly on the respective icon at the "Terrain" panel that displays the way you will specify your site of interest and the procedure will continue uninterrupted.



However, since the "Import Terrain" dialogue box is still on, we proceed with determining how the area we are interested in importing terrain will be specified. The provided options are the following:

  • By Google Earth View: The imported terrain corresponds to the area that is currently shown in Google Earth
  • By Area: A polyline or a window outline the area where you would like to import terrain.
  • By Path: Terrain is imported alongside a specified centerline polyline for a particular swath width that user manually defines.



After having specified the area, Plex.Earth calculates the elevation points regarding the location and the selected quality and as soon as the user confirms that he would like to proceed with the import the download begins.



The duration of the downloading process is determined by the size of the area that we have specified.

Plex.Earth 4 gives you the opportunity to create the elevation contours at once while importing terrain. As such, a respective dialogue box appears as soon as the terrain has finished downloading informing you about this option. If you wish to proceed with creating contours, you select “Yes” at the respective dialogue box and continue with defining the contours’ details.

The final result of this process is displayed below:




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