Plex.Earth 4 ribbon not showing correctly

There is a likelihood that the user confronts some installation issues regarding the ribbon of Plex.Earth 4.


You can address this issue with either of the following ways:

  1.  Switch your AutoCAD workspace from "Drafting & Annotation" to "3D Basics" and back (or vice versa)
  2. Use the CUILOAD command and unload Plex.Earth, then close and re-open AutoCAD
  3. Follow the next steps:
  • Close AutoCAD
  • Open Windows Explorer and go to %appdata%\Autodesk
Tip: If you type %appdata% in the address bar and hit Enter it will take you to the root folder
  • Search for any pxearth files in there (with the search bar just next to the address bar on the top, it should come up with a number of files containing "pxearth" in their name) and delete them all
  • Restart AutoCAD
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