Setting up drawing's Georeference


Specify a Coordinate System


When you start a session with Plex.Earth 4 for the first time, one step of great importance is defining the georeference of the project correctly.

Any selections we will make regarding the georeference settings will be used by all Plex.Earth commands (and in all subsequent sessions as well), until changed.


Simply by clicking on the georeference icon, which is located in the first panel (“Project”) of the Plex.Earth ribbon, we can proceed with adjusting the georeference settings.

In the window that pops up two options are displayed:

  • Specify the project’s location manually
  • Specify the Coordinate System that will be used

Since most of the engineer’s projects are based on a specific coordinate system we are going to describe the second option first.


The procedure for defining a coordinate system is the following:

-> Choose “Specify a Coordinate System” -> Click on” Select from list“ -> Define:  

  1. Country or Region
  2. Coordinate System
  3. Units

-> “Select” -> “OK”

Note that Plex.Earth supports over 3,000 coordinate systems worldwide so you should easily be able to find the one you are using. If it does not seem to be included in our lists contact us at (preferably with its definition or EPSG code) and we will add it to them.

An example of a selected coordinate system is displayed below:



Specify its Location

If, however, you do not have a specific coordinate system to be used in your project, you should choose the other option of the dialogue box, “Specify its location”.


In the first step, you can manually zoom into the area of interest in the displayed map and place a marker to define a reference point. You can also use the "Sync map to Google Earth view" button on the bottom left to quickly get to the area currently displayed in your Google Earth window.



In the second step, you need to associate this reference point with a specific point in your drawing, either by providing its coordinates or by picking manually its position in the drawing.



It may be also necessary to alter the angle of the drawing considering the north direction and define the units that are going to be used at the Plex.Earth's sessions.

When you are all finished you press OK and your drawing will be successfully georeferenced.

Bear in mind that if you choose to work with such a custom georeference (by using the "Specify its Location" option) you should first remove any existing coordinate system that has already been selected in the "Specify a Coordinate System" option.



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