Convert to 3D Imagery


This tutorial will guide you through all the necessary steps that need to be followed for creating a 3D morphology model for a specified area.


To do so, Plex.Earth provides the command " Convert to 3D Imagery" that is located to the Imagery panel.


First, it is necessary to import the image of the area that you are interested in. Then, you click on the "Convert to 3D Imagery" icon and you select the respective image.

Following this, a dialogue box will appear asking you whether you would like to remove the original image or not.


The download of the terrain will begin as soon as you confirm the number of the available points that need to be downloaded according to the location.

Note that any selections you have already made regarding Terrain in terms of provider and quality will be used in these commands as well.

When this is completed you will be informed by a dialogue box that will also recommend switching the visual style to realistic for better viewing result.

The final result is displayed below:


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