Communication with Google Earth Issue

If you are using version 7.3.3 of Google Earth, you will face communication issues with Plex.Earth. Happily, we do have a fix!


What happened? The automatic (forced) update of Google Earth to version 7.3.3 deletes the communication protocol COM API, which is utilized by third-party programs, like Plex.Earth, in order to make use of the application.

How to solve it? Please follow the steps below (make sure to follow this exact order):

1) Uninstall Plex.Earth and Google Earth.


2) Delete any remaining Google Earth folder from C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).


and any folder that contains 7.3.3 files.


3) Restart your computer.


4) Download and install Google Earth 7.1.8 by clicking here, which has identical images but does not auto-update.

Choose to NOT run the application after the installation, as shown in the image below:


5) Download and install the latest release of Plex.Earth. This version has been patched to help you fix this issue automatically.


6) Open AutoCAD and use Plex.Earth.


Plex.Earth 5.0, which will be released in the next months, will elegantly address this issue by
including NEW satellite and aerial imagery from some of the very best providers available!

If this does not directly solve the problem, please also try using Plex.Earth's "Zoom to Area" command (a couple of times if needed).

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you!

If the problem still persists, please contact us at

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