Importing Google Earth historical imagery

This tutorial will guide you through the process of importing historical imagery into your AutoCAD project. 

Besides user preference in doing so, in some circumstances, recent images might be obscured by clouds or pixelated imagery that is just not up to their standard. Why settle for the most recent image, when older ones can offer better quality?

The next few steps will guide you through the process of selecting and importing historical imagery from Google Earth:


1) In Google Earth, move your cursor to the top middle section of the toolbar, and select the Show historical imagery command



2) Toggle through the available historical images and select the one you prefer



3) Use Plex.Earth's "Import Imagery" command, click on "Customize" and set the top view margin to 100 pixels. Then proceed with importing imagery



Additionally, if you want to identify the exact date of the images you have imported to your AutoCAD project, you can find more information here.

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