Merge/Split Images

You can use the "Merge Images" (PXC_IMGMERGE) command to unify a number of smaller images into a single large image.

Note: If the images overlap, the ones on top will be merged onto the ones at the back.

You can also use the same command to split any single image to a number of smaller ones, of any size, by following the procedure below:

  • Use the PXC_VAR_MAXIMGSIZE command and specify the size of the resulting images (in pixels per side)
  • Use the PXC_IMGMERGE command selecting the original image

Note:  PXC_VAR_MAXIMGSIZE is a global variable that affects the size of all images created by Plex.Earth. As such, you will probably want to revert it to its original value of 10,000 after splitting the images. Higher values (to allow for larger single images) are allowed but not recommended, as they can lead to AutoCAD slowing down or freezing.

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