JPG Quality: Image Clarity vs File Size

One of the most important features of Plex.Earth is the ability to import high-resolution imagery, from a number of providers, into an AutoCAD drawing. 

However, big mosaics require a high number of tiles and this can result in relatively large Plex.Earth and AutoCAD files in some cases.

Plex.Earth offers the option to reduce the JPG quality in order to make these files smaller, at the expense of some imagery clarity. It should be noted that the default quality level of imagery for Plex.Earth 4 (as was also the case in Plex.Earth 3), is 90%.

In order to change the imagery quality level, the "PXC_VAR_JPEGQUAL" command can be used in the command line of AutoCAD. Through this, the user can set the JPG quality to the desired level.


A comparison of how the clarity of a tile changes according to the level of quality of the imported imagery is presented below.

The difference, as can be seen for the 100% and 90% settings, is very subtle and Plex.Earth users should not see any discernible difference when switching between these two values. At lower JPG quality levels, file size can significantly be reduced but with obvious effects on the imagery.

Quality: 100%
Size: 954 KB


Quality: 90%
Size: 319 KB


Quality: 10%
Size: 49 KB


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