Importing Plex.Earth 4 Images into ArcGIS


You can easily import the images you downloaded with Plex.Earth 4 into your ArcGIS project.

When you pick the location of your project, you should set up your drawing’s georeference:

(For more details about georeference click here)

Make sure you use the same coordinate system and units as you use in your ArcGIS project.




After your project is georeferenced you are ready to import your image using the "Import Imagery" icon from the "Imagery" panel:


(For more details about importing images with Plex.Earth 4 click here)




Now you have downloaded your image the only thing you have to do is to import it in your ArcGIS Pro project and it will be instantly aligned with our map.


Go to your project in ArcGIS Pro and use the “Add Data” Icon on the Map ribbon, and choose the first option “Add data to the map”.




The only thing you have to do now is to find the path for your image.


Just find the file that you have saved your Autocad project and in the file ‘Plex.Earth’ open the file ‘Imagery’. From there you can choose your image.




That’s it! You now have a perfectly aligned image with your ArcGIS Pro project!







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