Creating Contours

In many cases, contour lines are needed in a project. Plex.Earth 4 can be used to easily get contours for the area you are interested in.

The first way to get contour lines is, after importing the terrain of your choice, to click “YES” to the window Plex.Earth 4 is showing to you asking “Do you want to create elevation contours for the terrain now?”. You can also set Plex.Earth to remember your choice and create contour lines every time you are importing a terrain object.

(For more information about importing terrain click here)


If you have already imported a terrain object, you can create contours using the “Generate Contours” command of Plex.Earth. After choosing the terrain you want, the “Contours” window appears and you can choose either to leave the settings to Automatic or adjust the Contour Intervals and Layers. Then you choose “Create Contours” and Plex.Earth creates contour lines.


Hint: In the Contour Options, you can optimize the contour settings as you want. Through the Layers, you can choose in which layer of your drawing your major and minor Contours would belong to. Through the Contour Intervals, you can choose your base elevation. In the minor and major intervals, you choose the frequency of the minor and major contours.

There is another way to get contours directly in your drawing rather than importing a terrain object first. You can set the preferred imported mesh type as “Contours” through the Options of the Terrain Panel of the Plex.Earth ribbon.


After that, proceed in importing terrain for the area of interest. That will give you contour lines directly.

You can name the contours you have created (with any of the ways are described above) by using the “Label Contours” command in the Plex.Earth ribbon.


Notice below that you can define which contour lines you want to label, only the major ones or all them, as well as the Text Height, from the command line of AutoCAD.

Moreover, when you specify label points, you create an axis for the text, so as to define the direction in which it will appear in your drawing. You can also change the size of the text anytime from Text Editor feature of AutoCAD.

Hint: You can access the contour settings any time through the PXC_OPTIONS_CONTOURS command. The settings you choose will apply every time you proceed in automatic creation of contours.



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