Timeviews: Monitor the Progress of a Project

Timeviews, the new feature of Plex.Earth, offers a chronological library of satellite imagery. This database is constantly updated by Bird.i, one of the leading providers in the mapping area. Thus, you can easily track the progress of a project by viewing up-to-date images right inside AutoCAD.

This tutorial describes all the necessary steps that need to be followed for that process.

Step 1: View an image with Timeviews

- In order to view chronological imagery with Timeviews, please follow the steps outlined here.


- The average map data in Google Earth get updated every one to three years. For example, for the above area, the respective latest Google Earth Imagery is in the early stage of the stadium's construction, thus making the monitoring of the project impossible.

 Step 2: Create an Imagery Timeline

- Click on "Add time views". A list of all available imagery will pop up by chronological order.

- Click on the "Add" button to download the imagery.


- The image icon on the left side of the list indicates that the image is already available.

- Repeat the process for as many dates is necessary.

 Step 3: Create an Imagery Timeline

- In the Timeview window, a timeline of all the images you have added will be created now by chronological order. By clicking on each date, the respective imagery will be viewed in AutoCAD.


Step 4: Monitor the Project's Progress

- Below the progress of the Puskás Aréna construction was able to be presented from the selected imagery, in just a few minutes.

The stadium is planned to be finished by the end of 2019.

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