Nearmap and AutoCAD, using Plex.Earth

In this tutorial are presented all the necessary steps for importing high resolution aerial imagery, from the Nearmap provider into an AutoCAD project. For more information on how to use Plex.Earth for connecting to a WMS, just click here.

Nearmap provider offers high resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D data sets and integrated geospatial tools for the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

If you don't already have Plex.Earth, download your fully-functional weekly trial from here.

The steps for the above procedure, are the following:


Step 1: "Open Map Explorer" from the "Map Explorer" provider, in the "Import Imagery" feature of Plex.Earth.

Step 2: Add a a new layer, using the following URLs, to link Plex.Earth to your Nearmap account:

For the United States:
(with your specific API key at the end)

For Australia & New Zealand:
(with your specific API key at the end)

Step 3: Define the imagery sources that you will import your data from.


The Neamap layer will now be visible in your Map Explorer.


Navigation in the Map Explorer, with the Nearmap layer activated, imports imagery from your Nearmap account, so be aware of any charges that may apply. It is advised to close the Map Explorer window after the setup to avoid additional charges.

Step 4: Increase the "Tile Capture Delay" to 6 seconds, so as Plex.Earth to be able to import imagery in a timely manner.


Step 5: Import your Imagery


Now, you are able to further use or edit your imagery for your drawing projects and come up with invaluable conclusions for your designs.

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