Timeviews: FAQ

What can I do with Timeviews images?

Unlike other imagery imported with Plex.Earth, Timeviews images are for view-only purposes and are not permanently saved. In the future users will be able to order such imagery for printing, distribution and creation of derivative work.


How can I compare Timeviews with Google Earth imagery?

The easiest way to do so is to select the imagery imported from Google Earth and toggle between showing and hiding it:


You can also preview any Timeviews image in Google Earth by clicking on the associated button:



Some of the images are completely empty, white or of subpar quality.

Some datasets might indeed contain suboptimal data. You can report such incidents by choosing to preview these problematic images in Google Earth (see above) and sending the resulting KML file to support@plexscape.com. We will soon also be implementing an automatic reporting mechanism for such occurrences.



Part of the fetched image is white

Most probably the image lies near the edge of the particular dataset. You can view each dataset's extents by clicking on the "Show Boundaries" button when selecting a specific date:



No imagery is available for specific locations.

Check again at a later date, datasets are constantly added. As the service progresses we plan to provide more comprehensive coverage of the globe as well as more frequent updates.


How do I get access to Timeviews?

Timeviews is included in our new Plex.Earth 4 Business licenses. Visit our webpage for more information. If you would like us to temporarily enable it for testing purposes contacts us at support@plexscape.com.

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