Imagery Providers

Plex.Earth 5, introducing a new design philosophy, is giving you access to a lot of imagery providers to meet any project's needs.

Below is a short presentation of them.

Known to the most, Google Maps will help you take a quick look at your area of interest, through the "Image View" feature.

Coverage: Global
Type of Imagery: Satellite, Aerial
Color Type  Colored 




Joined forces with Maxar Technologies, Digital Globe offers world-wide high-quality satellite imagery.

Coverage: Global
Maximum Zoom Level*:  19
Type of Imagery: Satellite
Color Type  Colored, GreyScale
Historical Imagery Available (imagery datasets available at plenty of dates)


Nearmap is a very high-quality imagery provider, offering detailed imagery mostly in urban areas.

Coverage: Urban areas of US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (exact coverage is shown here)
Maximum Zoom Level: 21
Type of Imagery: Aerial
Color Type  Colored




Hexagon provides high-quality aerial imagery all over the US, offering more detailed captures in urban areas.

Coverage: Country-wide US coverage (to see the exact coverage click here)
Maximum Zoom Level: 15 cm/6 inch resolution for urban centers in the US, 30 cm/1 foot resolution for all other areas in the US
Type of Imagery: Aerial 
Color Type: Colored




One of the most noted web mapping services, Bing gives high-quality aerial, street, and other imagery.

Coverage: Global
Maximum Zoom Level: 19
Type of Imagery: Aerial, Aerial with Labels, Road
Color Type Colored, Grayscale




A world-wide coverage road map.

Coverage: Global
Maximum Zoom Level: 20
Type of Imagery: Road
Color Type: Colored


plex-earth.png Or just any other imagery provider you can access!

Just use Plex.Earth's Map Explorer tool and create your own providers within seconds. You can just add every WMS or Tile Server you are using and enrich your providers' list.




*Zoom Level is counted as meters per pixel, so the highest the zoom level, the higher the quality of the imagery


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